What Can You Expect Ashore?

Explore like an Insider on a Destination-centric Discovery

What Can You Expect To Find Ashore
Les Andelys, France

River cruises are a great way to explore the variety of cities and towns you'll find along Europe's inland waterways and, while one of the most relaxing ways to travel, they are more active than you'd think. You can expect days filled with culturally immersive, locally guided sightseeing ashore that uncovers the highlights of the town where your riverboat docks, balanced with time at leisure to do as you wish. You may explore the sights on foot, walking off the riverboat right into the heart of history just steps away, or you may ride a motor coach to nearby châteaux, vineyards, castles and other sites to enjoy culinary delights and wine tastings, sparkling events with private musical performances, and much more.


If there were one way to best describe the river cruise experience, it would be the focus on the destination. River cruisers experience each destination in a more immersive way, stepping ashore in fairytale towns hundreds of years old and fabled cities where the past meets the present in perfect harmony. River cruisers have daily opportunities to experience contemporary culture as well as learn about the history of the towns along the continent's greatest rivers, without rushing here and there. 

Depending on the river cruise itinerary, they may head off on a guided walking tour to the town's most iconic sites, drive into the country to nearby vineyards for organized tasting tours, farm visits or excursions to must-see landmarks, or spend an unscripted day exploring at leisure, returning to the boat when they wish. Flexibility is part of the charm of river cruising!

Due to the nature of river cruising and the large geographic regions covered along Europe's rivers, most mornings, guests wake up in a different destination, offering an opportunity to connect with diverse cultures, customs, and people. And while the attractions by themselves are worth seeing, it's how the sights are experienced that makes all the difference on a memorable river cruise.


Instead of merely sightseeing, river cruisers want to focus on the destination experience. They want to immerse themselves in the essence of places they visit to make deeper, richer connections with the people and history that make them unique. We have carefully choreographed our all-included shore excursions with unforgettable destination experiences not available to other travelers. These include exclusive events that sparkle with cultural treasures for Tauck guests only, from gala dinners in private palaces and castles where royal hosts roll out the red carpet to wine tastings at private vineyards, exclusive music performances, presentations by local experts, culinary artisans in French markets, artists and historians in museums and workshops, and command concerts with music by Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Strauss and Beethoven in venues that inspired their genius. 

Tauck guests explore like insiders, share stories, learn from experts, and meet artisans who teach their secrets. They talk with locals; experience their lands, their daily lives, and their traditions. They make cultural connections that broaden horizons and enlighten minds at lectures, soul-stirring music and dance presentations performance by local artists, and inspirational cooking demonstrations.  And they'll enjoy dining experiences off the riverboat at local restaurants… castles and palaces, trendy cafés, taverns, wineries, bierstubes, local markets… charcuteries… a ranch… and more.


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