Passengers On A European River Cruise

Truly a Trip for Everyone

Who Takes River Cruises


The people you'll meet onboard European river cruises typically share a passion for knowledge. They are generally interested in art, music, history and heritage. They enjoy the relaxed pace of river cruising and relish the thought of immersing in a destination-focused vacation with authentic experiences to really learn about the culture of other countries. They don't want to be rushed or herded; rather they want to take their time to get to know the people they meet and the places they explore. 

First-time river cruisers often represent a mix of avid ocean cruisers, land tour takers and former independent travelers who have enjoyed discovering the world on their own. River cruisers travel as couples; with friends; as families celebrating a special occasion; in groups that share pastimes, alma maters or organizational interests; or as solo travelers, knowing they'll meet like-minded folks who welcome the genuine camaraderie they'll find onboard in a friendly, casual atmosphere. A mix of travelers from the United States and international destinations, river cruise guests typically average age 55+ years and enjoy more active, culturally connected experiences during their travels. They represent a balance between working and retired individuals. Food and wine aficionados, they enjoy the arts, gourmet cooking, as well as sports, like golf and tennis. Value and quality are important to them in every aspect of their cruise. 


Quality… in accommodations, dining, wine, sightseeing and cultural experiences

Value... that goes beyond the price and enhances each and every facet of travel 

Personalized service… attentive and caring, where they are treated as individuals

Peace of mind… they want assurance that the company they travel with is safe, solvent and savvy, experts at handling unexpected situations and taking care of guests' needs 
Typically knowledge seekers, seasoned travelers and lifelong learners, river cruise guests want distinctive experiences that will help them learn what is unique about a region and its culture. They look forward to making meaningful connections with the people they meet and the places they go. They appreciate personal service, value quality, have high expectations and seek to make every moment count. They also enjoy having fun trying new things! 


Learn… about history, culture, traditions and daily life through expert insights and personal perspectives that let them experience the essence of each unique destination

Meet… local experts, winemakers, pastry bakers, culinary chefs, dancers, equestrians, artisans, artists and fellow travelers who share their passion for discovery

See… museums, architecture, farms, châteaux, castles, medieval villages, walled towns, vineyards, cathedrals, private homes... going inside to experience their unique features

Do… more than just sightsee. They want to attend expert lectures, cook with chefs, waltz with pros, dine in private castles, ride bicycles, hear concerts, understand traditions…

Dine… on freshly prepared culinary specialties at local restaurants, in palaces and other authentic venues, taste wine and olive oil at vineyards, go inside cooking schools...


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