Family Partnerships

Exclusive Experiences for You From Our Unique Partnerships

Family Relationships

Travel has changed considerably since Arthur Tauck Sr. took our first group of guests out on the back roads of New England – some 95 years ago. And so has Tauck. And along with us, our partnerships have grown to include relationships that stretch around the globe for today's Tauck guests by upholding our high standards for service, quality, and comfort, and meet our Tauck guest expectations with grace. 

We created the Tauck1 program to extend and integrate our culture with our supplier partners, to ensure we share a sense of purpose as we create travel experiences that enhance guests' lives. Through special events, educational programs, and communication touches like our quarterly Tauck1 newsletter Global Connections, our aim is to build professional and personal connections that will nurture and strengthen our many long-lasting relationships – and ultimately, create life-enriching Tauck guest experiences for many decades ahead.

Our Belief in the Power of Travel 

At Tauck, we believe that travel can change lives. Whether it's learning a new way of thinking… appreciating an unfamiliar art, taste or skill… understanding a different culture… getting up close to the wonders of Mother Nature… or feeling a part of something bigger than our ourselves… we believe that travel is life-enriching.

And knowing how powerful travel can be, we also believe that "How You See the World Matters." For Tauck, seeing the world is about sharing our view of the world as a place of discovery and opportunity. We see it as a place of wonder, a source of awe that helps our guests to connect with others.

It Takes a Team

The business of travel is complex. For all of us at Tauck, travel is not looked upon as a product, but rather an experience. And every company, every individual, that comes into contact with a Tauck guest is a part of that experience. 

So we look for partners in the hospitality and tourism industries who share our commitment to delivering travel that makes a difference in how our guests see the world. We look for partners who share our goal of consistently meeting the highest standards of service, quality, and comfort. We know that it takes working together as a team with our partners around the globe to make the Tauck guest experience a truly exceptional one in countless, diverse and amazing destinations.

Award-winning Innovation

Tauck has had the privilege of working with the riverboat company Scylla since 2004. Today, Scylla is one of Tauck's most significant partners. Many of our guests who are familiar with the story behind Tauck are curious about the Scylla side of Tauck's story – and particularly, what the name "Scylla" means.

We extensively searched to find the right company to partner with, a company that would share our values and our commitment to "do the right thing" by our guests. We found that partner in another family-owned company – Scylla, owned by the Reitsma family. Based in Basel, Switzerland, Scylla is involved in the design, construction, outfitting and operations of our riverboat fleet. Together, we have custom-crafted all of our riverboats, working with an amazing group of international engineers, designers and craftsmen to bring these wonderful vessels to life and transport our guests on innovative, immersive, and authentic travel experiences in towns, villages and cities along the great rivers and waterways of Europe. Our fleet of riverboats, our dedicated crew and our comprehensive itineraries have earned us awards and recognition in the cruise industry – and we intend to keep on raising the bar as we travel right through the heart of old-world Europe to wow you with extraordinary experiences onboard and ashore.

A History of Quality and Passion

In October of 1973, Scylla founder André Reitsma bought a tugboat and refitted the vessel into a passenger ship, naming it ms Scylla. Mr. Reitsma liked the idea of enriching his fleet with the classicism of Greek mythology, and he thought that the name "Scylla" had a nice ring to it. Only afterwards did he learn that "Scylla" is, in fact, the name of a monster from Homer's Odyssey. André's brother, continuing with the nautical theme, named his company "Triton"; two ships in their fleet were christened with the names Calypso (1978) and Olympia (1984).

In 1988, Scylla christened ms Switzerland, and three years later, the Switzerland II. In 1993, with ms Swiss Pearl, Scylla began the practice of naming ships after precious stones and jewels. Today, the fleet includes Swiss Crystal, Swiss Diamond, Swiss Crown, Swiss Ruby, Swiss Corona, Swiss Tiara and other ships, along with the ships that Tauck charters – ms Emerald, ms Sapphire, ms Treasures, ms Inspire, ms Savor, ms Esprit, ms Grace, ms Joy and ms Andorinha.

Scylla's fleet boasts some of the most luxurious and modern ships cruising the rivers of Europe. For 40+ years Scylla has been a family-owned and operated company, with Robert and Arno Reitsma, André's sons, now steering the helm. Scylla's motto, "Quality, Our Passion," drives every decision they make and impels them toward continued innovation.