Fully Guided

Travel in Good Company on the rivers of Europe

Fully Guided

Whether you travel on a river cruise or a Tauck Bridges family-inspired adventure your journey will be fully guided by expert Tauck Directors who average over 10 years of service with us, come from 35 countries, speak 46 languages collectively, and are renowned as the world's best travel companions. They are multi-talented and creative, and many have MBAs and Ph.D. degrees. You'll enjoy attentive, caring service by a team who is there to make sure your accommodations are to your liking, taking you places you can't go on your own, introducing you to locals you wouldn't have a chance to otherwise meet, wining and dining you with the specialties of the region, and delighting you with extraordinary moments every day.

In all of the places we visit throughout Europe you'll also meet our handpicked local experts and local guides who share their insights, creativity, and knowledge; they include chefs, naturalists, cowboys, photographers, winemakers, professors, artists and more. Together, our team makes the difference between a trip and the trip of a lifetime. 

Our guests say our Tauck Directors surpass their every expectation – that's because our Tauck Directors truly love what they do and it shows as portrayed in this 'question & answer' with one of our Tauck Directors who specializes in river cruising.

What is your favorite part of a European river cruise?
"The lesser-known places along the river like Regensburg, Germany. I have been going there since I was 9 years old when it was totally off the radar for most travelers, to it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site. Today, it's consistently a favorite stop for our guests and is chock full of quaintness and authenticity. It's especially nice on the Christmas Markets along the Danube trip."

What is one experience you will never forget?
"Once there was a trip interruption and we had to improvise the day so we went to...THE 'Oktoberfest' in Munich which was not planned. We had a great time eating pretzels, drinking beer, swaying to the music and laughing."

Why is a river cruise a great way to travel in Europe?
"Cruising... especially the Main-Danube canal. This is great for tranquil scenery plus the marvelous constructions of viaducts and locks. It is unique and can only be done by river."

Travel with the best on Europe's rivers

With three professional Tauck Directors and one Tauck Cruise Director on every river cruise, we ensure a high level of service, expertise, and guest satisfaction. 

  • On our daily shore excursions that may include a guided bicycling tour in Budapest, a day spent in the snow-capped Alps on the "Top of Europe" as you journey by train to the Jungfraujoch or exploring the Côa Museum, a pre-historic rock-art site of the Côa Valley in Foz Côa, Portugal, we team up with local experts and guides who show you their villages, towns – and talents – sharing personal insights that enrich your sightseeing experience along the way.
  • Trustworthy professionals, our Tauck Directors provide personalized attention and customized service onboard and ashore, and every step of the way throughout your cruise, adding special treats and delightful surprises to the day's itinerary whenever possible.
  • Well-traveled, they are familiar with local customs and traditions along the rivers of Europe and in destinations explored on our cultural and expeditionary adventures…  often fluent in several languages.

Explore with our Dream Team… on Tauck Bridges family-inspired river cruises

Part storyteller, part magician and always at your service, our Tauck Directors are family travel specialists, hand-selected for their experiences and personalities. They include a musician who toured with Taylor Swift, a professional baseball player, an animal-loving naturalist, teachers and more. Experts in keeping everyone engaged and on time without missing a beat, they make history come alive, celebrate cultural traditions with hands-on experiences and introduce natural wonders up close and personally. They not only take care of all the day-to-day details of your trip, they make every day fun for kids and adults finding exciting ways to share their love of the places you'll explore together.

A dedicated Family Host plus a total of four dedicated Tauck Directors are on every Tauck Bridges river cruise for more interactive engagement, personal attention and onboard fun for everyone!

Renowned as the best in the industry, they garner rave reviews from our guests for their warmth, efficiency, and knowledge.

"We cannot be more positive in our admiration of our Tauck Directors' professionalism, knowledge, people skills, friendliness, thoughtfulness and management of our travel needs. They're outstanding in their professions, but obviously, love it so!"

– Mike & Kathy B.

"Our Tauck Director was fabulous on our recent river cruise on the Seine. How she cared for each member of our group was beyond our expectations. She was superbly prepared to discuss with us all of the many points of interest as well as the related history and went that extra mile in everything she did for us."

– Jack & Peggy M.