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Aix-en-Provence, Roussillon, St. Rémy, Gordes, Avignon
Provence France Escorted Tour
Pont du Gard


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SMALL GROUP DEPARTURES averaging no more than 22 Tauck guests. A small group size means a more personal travel experience highlighted by stays at chic smaller hotels in fabulous locations




See artists' studios, visit an organic winery or explore a sculpture park, and enjoy a enjoy a wine tasting lunch during 2 nights in Aix


Go to a market in Avignon to select fresh ingredients for a chef-hosted cooking class


Visit the Roman ruins of Glanum


Learn the finer points of wine tasting with a local sommelier


Meet Vincent van Gogh through the eyes of a learned scholar


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Designed for fit, vigorous travelers capable of easily walking three miles or more. Many days might include active pursuits such as hiking, bicycling or sea kayaking for one to three hours at a time. Guests should be capable of walking three or more miles over terrain including hills and rocky or uneven terrain.



Often robust – may include long days, active sightseeing, early starts, evening activities, significant travel times.

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Our Provence tours take you on a journey through France that explores the wide history of French traditions, culture and historical monuments.

Along Europe's Scenic "Yellow Roads"

Combine a chef, a food expert, a sommelier, trips to local markets, a cooking class and a wine tasting in one of the world's great wine regions – and what follows is a mouth-watering portrait of Provence.

Food and art are passions in Southern France and key ingredients for the culturally curious. Paint in idyllic walks down lanes that inspired Cézanne in Aix, contemporary art on the grounds of a classic Provençal château, an insider tour with a van Gogh art scholar in St. Rémy, a picnic in a lavender meadow, exploring the Roman ruins of Glanum, soft landscapes changing hues in the waning sun, and a farewell in Châteauneuf-du-Pape... and the palette of our Provence tours becomes richer still. Read Less

A hands-on culinary experience with an Avignon chef

Day 6

Shop Avignon's markets with a local chef, and help prepare lunch in a hands-on cooking lesson

In the medieval walled town of Avignon, past and present meet in a parade of sensory delights. On a culinary experience you won't soon forget, you'll accompany our chef on a buying trip to a local market, where you can see, feel, smell, and taste farm-fresh produce, freshly baked baguettes, fragrant herbs and a host of seasonal specialties. After picking up your fresh ingredients, you'll then pick up some of the chef's treasured secrets in a hands-on cooking lesson, as you help prepare a traditional meal for lunch.

Wine pairing with a sommelier in Avignon

Day 6

In Avignon, a professional sommelier guides you through a tasting and pairing of Rhône wines

The popes who reigned over the Roman Catholic Church in Avignon during the 14th century enjoyed not only their formidable lodgings in the fortress-like Palais des Papes, but also the fruit of the vine; they are credited with cultivating the local wine industry widely recognized today by the appellation, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Today the life of this region still centers around growing, producing and enjoying wine – as you’ll see for yourself when a professional sommelier guides you through a tasting and pairing of fine Rhône Valley wines that go perfectly with the unforgettable midday meal you helped prepare… truly an Avignon experience to remember!

In van Gogh's Provençal footsteps with an expert

Day 5

Explore Provençal sites where van Gogh lived and painted with scholar Mathilde Duvilliers

Picturesque Saint Rémy-de-Provence is forever entwined with the legacy of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, whose paintings have immortalized such local places as Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, the asylum where he received treatment… and produced more than 150 works, including the legendary Starry Night. The van Gogh scholar Mathilde Duvilliers offers a look inside the artist’s troubled mind, discussing the meanings and symbolism of his work and his letters on a tour of the asylum grounds. “I am in love with van Gogh for his talent and his sensitivity,” says Mathilde. “I’ll share my insights on his complicated life when we walk in his footsteps in Saint Rémy-de-Provence.”

Auberge de Cassagne & Spa

Nights 5, 6 and 7

All the charm of a beautiful family home at the gate to Avignon

A former Provençal farmhouse built in 1850 on the estate belonging to Cassagne Castle, Auberge de Cassagne & Spa grew quickly from a small six-room hotel-restaurant in the 1960s to the lovely property you see today. Its restaurant was first awarded a Michelin star in 1985; it now holds five. Today, the outbuildings of the 1850 Cassagne Castle have been converted and incorporated into the farmhouse, with a beautiful park at its heart. Here, day after day, friendships and the art of small, everyday gestures are nurtured and practiced.




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