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Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Palermo, Taormina, Sicily
Sicily Amalfi Coast Rome Italy Cruise
Ravello, Italy


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TAUCK EXCLUSIVE - Exclusive after-hours visit to the Vatican Museums & the Sistine Chapel – without crowds – during two nights in Rome at the Hotel Majestic Roma, located on the Via Veneto


TAUCK EXCLUSIVE – Private evening at Palazzo Parisio on Malta




All gratuities to Tauck Director, ship staff and local guides


Tauck’s private shore excursions and distinctive inclusions valued at £2,334


Special Tauck Experiences include traditional Sicilian entertainment and a visit to the amazingly well-preserved ruins of Herculaneum


Night sail by the volcanic island of Stromboli


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Guests should be able to easily walk one to two miles, which may include climbing one or two flights of stairs and walking over uneven pavement, groomed hiking trails or cobblestones. Standing up to one hour or more may be required.



Moderately paced, and may include some early morning hotel departures, one or two on-tour flights, and extended motor coach travel.

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Step back in time thousands of years, passing by historical landmarks, ruins and more on our 11-day Italy cruise.

Cultural journeys and expeditions

At the crossroads of the Mediterranean... Explore Siracusa's Greek Theater... Segesta's unfinished temple... Valletta and Lipari... and one of the world's most breathtaking locales, the Amalfi Coast.

Our Mediterranean and southern Italy cruise aboard Le Ponant includes one night on Malta and two nights in the heart of Rome on the fabulous Via Veneto – featuring a Tauck Exclusive, an after-hours visit to the Vatican Museums. Your Italy cruise calls on Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and remote Aeolian Isles. Enjoy traditional Sicilian entertainment, a spectacular night sail past Stromboli, a visit to Herculaneum's ruins and so much more! Read Less

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Tauck Exclusive – Vatican Museums after hours

Explore the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after-hours... without the crowds

Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 1500s, the Vatican Museums display classical and religious works of art collected by the Popes throughout the centuries. Combined with the Sistine Chapel, they’re visited by around six million people a year, ranking among the most-visited art museums in the world. On your exclusive, after-hours, guided visit, you can explore the Candelabra Gallery, the Map Gallery, the Tapestries, and the Sistine Chapel… all without the usual crowds. So you’ll be able to take your time to contemplate the inspirational treasures before you – including the spectacular Biblical frescoes on the ceiling, which took Michelangelo four years to paint, standing on a scaffold... and changed the course of western art.

Phoenicia Hotel Malta

An Art-Deco treasure revitalized for the 21st century

Considered a Maltese national treasure, the five-star Phoenicia Hotel Malta, built in the Art-Deco style in the 1930s, was nearly complete when World War II intervened, delaying its opening until 1947, when it began a long reign as one of the most distinctive hotels in the Mediterranean; its guest list has included royals, celebrities and heads-of-state. This iconic hotel recently emerged from an extensive restoration to take its place among the leading properties of the 21st century.

If you are searching for a trip that combines the pleasure of camaraderie and the joy of a cultural experience, look no further.

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