Travel In Good Company

Tauck Directors make every day fun-filled for families of every generation... they guide your trip – and make each day amazing!

In good company


Families who travel with us tell us that our Tauck Directors are just about the best part of a Tauck Bridges family vacation.

We believe family vacations should be all about families, whether they are grandparents traveling with grandchildren, kids and their parents, single parent families, aunts and uncles with all the cousins or even the whole group! It takes a very special person to guide our trips, to make sure that every day is the best day of your family's vacation – and that person is our Tauck Director:

  • Our Tauck Directors are warm, sincere, compassionate… and fun
  • Great storytellers with interesting backgrounds as teachers, artists, actors, naturalists, historians, photographers and more, they are the most fun to travel with – the kids love them and they love the kids!
  • Caring professionals who often go the extra mile, they are experts at making every day of your vacation run smoothly and hassle free, freeing your family up to enjoy your vacation – together
  • Handling all necessary reservations, tipping, admission fees and transportation logistics with remarkable ease… that's our Tauck Directors
  • They'll check you in and out of your hotels, make sure your family – and your luggage – is brought from place to place, and seamlessly orchestrate dining arrangements and sightseeing excursions
  • Well traveled – and averaging 10 years of service with Tauck – they are familiar with local customs and traditions, and are often fluent in several languages
  • They'll engage you with their knowledge, share insider stories of the places you'll visit, and entertain you with cultural connections and spur-of-the-moment adventures that you and your family just couldn't have on your own
  • Flexible and spontaneous, they'll add special treats and delightful surprises to the day's itinerary whenever possible
  • Our Tauck Directors thrive on finding creative ways to share their passion for the places you'll explore together... and love to surprise families with unexpected "wow" moments that make all the difference in an unforgettable family vacation